We are the WAVEMAKERS!

Every idea, every dream, starts as a simple small concept. Like a pebble tossed out into a river, it creates a ripple. From that ripple, one of two things can happen. We can doubt it and think its unachievable and let the ripple steady itself out and disappear OR we can cultivate it and cause it to intensify into more ripples and eventually become waves.

We as teachers are responsible for the future of education.

It is what we make of it. We can go through the motions and teach the curriculum and move on year after year. There’s another choice, though. We can choose to make this profession sought after and elevated in the eyes of those around us. It is up to us, the teachers in the classroom.

This June/July we were blessed with the opportunity to attend the National Get Your Teach On conference in Dallas, TX. It was a game changer (WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND ATTENDING). Throughout the conference, they kept speaking to this truth of being a WAVEMAKER...going back to our home base and MAKING WAVES!! After all, it is up to us. One presenter, Kori Markussen, made a statement that resonated deep and we think it could be a wakeup call to many. Someone in the crowd asked about all the “extra” work that comes outside of our 8-3 time clock. Her response was simple.


We are responsible for what happens in our classroom. We create (as GYTO says) the MAGIC in our class! We hold the magic that can excite our students. Yet, so many times we fail to use the magic we possess. We have all been blessed with different gifts.

Being the “2 peas” that we are, we both love music and being crafty. So, we make MAGIC by incorporating songs and transformations into our classes. We love a good content-based song or pump-up song and a transformation gets us beyond ecstatic (just ask our team-we flip out over ideas during our planning sessions). We love creating the activities and decorations. As we decorate our classrooms, we giggle about the thoughts of our students’ faces when they walk in the next day. It brings us joy. That joy is then transferred to our students because we are so pumped about what we are doing. It’s this beautiful RIPPLE effect. The joy and magic we find in these two forms of engagement can completely transform our classrooms into a WAVE of excitement, focus, and serious learning! The simple ripple of adding our gifts into how we deliver content creates WAVES in our classrooms and in our students. They are then in turn elated to come to class and see what will happen next.

These small dashes of MAGIC create some serious WAVES within a school.

After a small group from our school went to the Ron Clark Academy, we came back on fire and ready to create the magic in our classrooms. We started doing room transformations and sharing our excitement to create magic. People around our school started noticing. They wanted in on the opportunity to attend Get Your Teach On, so we brought TWENTY-TWO of us. Now throughout our whole school, magic is happening every day!

The initial RIPPLE has transformed into WAVES upon WAVES of MAGIC in our school.

Think about the number of students that we could impact! If we could all find our MAGIC and embrace it, imagine the WAVES we could make in education!

So, as this year kicks into gear how will you be a WAVEMAKER in your school? We urge you to find what brings you joy and turn it into MAGIC!

Let this year be a year that we elevate our profession.

Break the mold and show the world what education SHOULD look like. It’s what ALL kids deserve. Start the RIPPLE and create some WAVES!

From the green pod

-The 2 Peas

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