Our Story

We are the 2 Peas in the Green Pod, otherwise known as Charissa and Kristina 

Welcome to the Pea Pod!

The 2 Peas are made up of Charissa Aalgaard and Kristina Glass! We are 2nd grade partner teachers in Northwest Louisiana.  Charissa teaches ELA and Social Studies while Kristina teaches Math and Science.


We both love to flood our classes with high energy and excitement daily! We are constantly learning and growing as we continue on this adventure of our careers.  We are by no means perfect and we certainly don’t have it all figured out. These two peas are constantly trying new strategies and taking chances to engage our students in fun and exciting new ways.  


Charissa is also one of the school cheer sponsors and Kristina helps sponsor the Destination Imagination team.  We will soon begin working towards our Master’s Degree in EdLeadership and are super excited for the journey of more learning. When Charissa leaves school, she loves going home to her adorable son, Mauer, who is two years old.


Our hope through this blog is to show a little peek into our crazy teaching lives, to share new exciting things we are doing in our classrooms, and to share things we’ve learned and continue to learn along the way! Welcome to the adventure of the 2 Peas in the Green Pod!!


-the 2 peas


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